Light Bar with Wired Lights


We manufacture this UHMW high density plastic light bar with zinc plated steel plates for magnetic lights. This light bar lets people know a motorcycle or trike is being towed. It has a standard 4 plug trailer lighting connection.

Common Questions

Will my tires wear out?

We have two motorcycles that have over 100,000 miles on the rear tire being hauled in the Atlas Hitch. This is simply because there is no one sitting in the seat, braking or throttling, so there is no torque on the tire which is what actually wears out a tire.

Is my transmission safe?

We have talked to all the major motorcycle manufacturers, and they said the following. Anything manufactured after 1973 and over 400cc has the drive gear in an oil bath. We decided to prove this to ourselves. We took 6 different motorcycles of all manufacturers and models and put over 100,000 miles in testing with no issues.

Can the Transmission go into gear if you hit a chuckhole?

We did talk to all the major manufacturers about this, and they stated a motorcycle will not suddenly go into gear if you hit a chuck hole (caveat to a bike that is in complete disrepair). But we decided to test this ourselves. We took a bike through the Mojave Desert as fast as possible and hit every dip or chuck hole. The bikes shocks worked perfectly, and it did not jump into gear.

Will this increase my mileage?

Some motorcycles or trikes have the odometer on the front wheel. If the front wheel is in the cradle, it will not increase the milage. If you put the bike backwards it will not roll back the mileage either. Some bikes or trikes have odometers in the transmission. When it is in Neutral it will not increase the mileage.

Will my motorcycle sway?

Before we released the Atlas Hitch, we tested several models at speeds in excess of 100 miles an hour. They all followed straight as an arrow behind the vehicle. We even dynamited the brakes on our tow rig (my personal truck that you see at the shows) at 60 mph and all the bikes stayed right behind the vehicle. We did the same test with the 2-motorcycle option with the same results.

Will my motorcycle bounce or hop?

The patented cable securement system puts just enough tension on the bike to keep it from hopping or bouncing. Again, we have tested this down dusty washboard backroads, and potholed cities, it just doesn’t get out of the tow stream. So, for all the remaining skeptical armchair critics out there, until you have fully tested this product yourself, do not equate this to any of the flimsy online products, we are nothing like them. Please, ask us questions, we actually do love to answer them.

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