The Premium Motorcycle Tow Hitch
The premier motorcycle tow hitch

The Atlas Hitch

By Jab Dynamics

Freedom to travel and freedom from worry. The worlds best way to move your motorcycle. 

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The Premier Motorcycle Tow Hitch

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NEW! - The Atlas Hitch - Mercury Edition

Introducing the newest part of motorcycle transportation

The latest version of the Atlas Hitch is called the Mercury, and it is priced for those who want to stay premium and save. The Mercury addition allows your tailgate to be lowered with out the need to remove the Atlas Hitch.

Get your Atlas Hitch - Mercury Edition now

A Unique Experience

The Atlas Hitch is Shipping FREE!

*Shipping your Atlas Hitch is FREE whenever you order online!!

*The contiguous continental states area of the United States of America,

NEW - The Atlas Hitch - Mercury Addition! $1600 with FREE Shipping!

Learn more about the latest edition of the Atlas Hitch. The same great MADE IN THE USA quality! 

Even allows access to lower your tailgate without removing the Atlas Hitch

About Us

As part of Jab Dynamics innovation and quality are built right into our DNA. After years of prototyping and testing, Jab Dynamics has created what we believe is the highest quality way to move your motorcycle from "point A to point B".

We are here to answer your questions and make sure the next time you need to move your motorcycle you will experience the Atlas Hitch freedom. The freedom from worry about bike lean, the freedom from trailers and trailer licensing, the freedom from worry about how to move a bike that wont start. The freedom of the road that comes from knowing you are on your way. 

Atlas Hitch

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